Social Escort Services Versus Prostitution – Differences

Many people may not know the difference between social escort services and prostitution, although there is a vast legal difference between these two.

Social escort services – as the name suggests, it is companionship provided by usually pretty and eloquent girls in Singapore who will accompany clients to social events or private dates and strictly no sex or sexual services is included.┬áBasically, social escorts from local legitimate agencies such as SGVIP Escorts only provide companionship, and strictly do not sell sexual services.

Prostitution – as the name suggests, it is strictly sexual services provided by usually not so good looking but desperate women to men.

Of course, you may then ask, “Why are there cases of clients having sexual relationships with the escort model then?”

The answer is simple: That is a private engagement of services (whether paid or not) between only the girl (who must be 18 years and above) and the client. This arrangement cannot be facilitated, organized, managed or be able to be benefited from by anyone else, including the social escort agency. If this act is paid for by the client, then yes, the escort is doubling as a social escort model who concluded her social escort services, and then took on a separate role under the eyes of the law as a prostitute.

There is no law stating that two consenting adults of opposite sexes above the age of 18 cannot have sexual relationships with each other. The law only intervenes when the agencies (such as Johnny Escorts which got busted a few years ago) try to be greedy and sell sexual services when it’s strictly against the law! Under Singapore’s laws, no person, other than the girl herself, is allowed to make money off, organize, manage e.t.c. anyone else to benefit in any way from any kind of sexual services. However, the girl is free to make her choice .

If you want to engage a local social escort agency, then make sure to only engage those which are legally registered, and only employs Singaporean/PR women above age of 18 if you want to stay on the safe side of the law as a customer. Also, a note is to never transfer money into a POSB account. Singapore’s POSB bank does NOT provide corporate services, so if anyone asks you to transfer into a POSB bank, this immediately indicates that their business or company is unregistered, and they’re an illegal underground business. As Singapore’s laws are strict, you as a customer, will also be caught and detained and potentially persecuted if you hire the services of a illegal business.

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