Review Of Singapore’s Local Social Escort Agencies

Singapore has several local social escort agencies, and among them, there are definitely great ones, and not so good ones. Here is my review of both the good, and the bad ones in Singapore.

Good / recommended social escort agencies in Singapore:

1. First up on the list: SG VIP Escorts ( I highly recommend them because I have personally used their services before and absolutely love it. With lots of beautiful social escort models to choose from, their escorts definitely provide some of the best services and girlfriend experience I have ever experienced.

2. Second up on the list: SG Call Girls. Although I prefer locals and some of their girls are foreigners, some of their foreigner girls (e.g. not Singaporean) are still really hot, and so I think it’s quite worth it still. Additionally, their prices are all quite similar and very affordable, compared to some other agencies (which I shall review below) which is very expensive at over $1000 minimum.

Bad /  non-recommended agencies in Singapore:

A. Royce International Escorts – First of all, they are foreigners (mostly), which is personally an odd thing in my opinion. Why would I come to Singapore to engage somebody whom I can already engage in whichever country I came from? I came to Singapore to engage a local social escort model! Second of all, their prices are so high. At $1000 to $1500 minimum, they cost twice as much as the above two – SG VIP Escorts and SG Call Girls. Royce’s  prices is so high it’s ridiculous.

B. Madam Q – It’s ridiculous how they cover up the photographs of their local girls’ photographs. Perhaps it’s not so bad if you want to engage their foreign girls (but who wants), but it’s terrible if you want to engage their local girls! I can understand censoring the eyes e.t.c., but you can’t even see whether their girls are fat or skinny! I don’t want to be surprised in a nasty way when the social escort turns out to have a terrible aunty dress sense or turn out 10kg heavier than my worst expectations.

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