Different Types Of Social Escorts In Singapore

Every country has their own lingo for women, and Singapore has too. As a result, social escort agencies in Singapore have tried to specialize in some of them as well and here are some examples. If you’re instead looking for a social escort, then go here instead http://www.sgvipescorts.com/contact to book the top services of one of the most popular and well established local social escort agencies in Singapore.

Lingo #1: Girl next door. This is referring to girls in Singapore who look pretty, yet have a very down to earth aura and feeling about her. Perhaps she knows how to put on makeup and dress very well to flatter her own physique, but does not overdress to the point as though she is going to some gala event. Most men in Singapore like dating such girls next door.

Lingo #2: Exotic. This refers to girls who have a unique yet pretty look, and such girls are usually mixed blood. As Singapore is a multi-racial country and state, there is a more than proportionate number of ‘exotic’ girls in social escort agencies for your selection for your date.

Lingo #3: Office lady (OL). This is a very popular type of romantic fetish by men. Men in Singapore love to date very gorgeous and beautiful professional women who are demure while ambitious at the workplace at the same time. Some agencies do provide you with social escort services with such OL, and if you are a man with such fantasies as well, you can feel free to engage their escort services in Singapore.

Lingo #4: Xiao Mei Mei (XMM). This is a very local Singaporean lingo. Referring to young girls (who are generally between the ages of 18 to 21), XMM is an affectionate term coined by locals in Singapore. For the purpose of this article, we shall strictly keep everything for men and women above 18.

Lingo #5: Ah lians. Ah lians refer to women in Singapore who look and behave like the equivalent of ‘sluts’ and usually put on way too much makeup. Although this is not a favorite choice of clients when it comes to social escorts, there are still locals who love ah lians and dating them.

There you go. The above are 5 common terms that men in Singapore use to categorize women when it comes to dating and social escorts preferences!

Are Social Escorts Legal In Singapore?

Is it legal to engage the services of a self proclaimed social escort in Singapore? In this article, I shall discuss and write about the various things you must know before you engage any social escort services within Singapore.

First of all, it is perfectly legal to engage social escort services from an agency which is registered with the Singapore government regulatory body for businesses (ACRA). As long as it is an officially registered company or business, with its business activity being indicated to the government as that of social escort services, then it is also legal to engage their services under most circumstances. Read more for more information.

Second of all, it must be noted that in your communications with the agency, both parties must explicitly understand and note that the escort fees you pay has nothing to do with getting sex or sexual services in return. You are simply paying the agency for their girl to provide companionship.

Third of all, if you and the escort intend to have further relationships which is sexual in nature, keep in mind that both you and the girl enter into it like how two normal dating adults would. This means that both of you must provide consent and the agency has nothing to do with it. If the agency sells you such services and you accept, both the agency and you can get into trouble.

Next of all, if you and the girl enters a sexual relationship, keep in mind that even if both of you are in consent, the girl must still be at least of 18 years of older (although you’re engaging the services of a registered company in Singapore, some managers are unethical and perform illegal acts of hiring girls below 18 years of age) and it’s also partly your job to ensure that. Make sure that you have a written agreement with the agency via email or SMS or Whatsapp that this is the case with the girl whom you have engaged.

Finally, it is important to note that there is a legal line, which you should never cross, and more importantly, ensure that the agency you deal with is legitimate and does not cross that line or both you and the agency will get into trouble.

So, the answer is that yes, it is perfectly legal to engage social escort services in Singapore, but do note the above caveats. That is all. Hope I helped!